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Getting Started

Welcome to Peppermint 🍵#

We are an Open Source Ticket Management System hoping to improve the user experience for people in teams or using similar software on their own. Our aim is to create software which is easy to use but still offers all the feature rich components paid solutions have.

Currently the only deployment we currently offer is through a docker image with an official docker compose for easier use, the following docker-compose below can be used to get the up to date production build of Peppermint.

version: "3.1"
container_name: db
image: mongo:4
restart: always
- ./docker-data/db:/data/db
container_name: peppermint
image: pepperlabs/peppermint:latest
- 5000:5000
restart: on-failure
- mongo
MONGO_URI_DOCKER: "mongodb://mongo:27017/peppermint"
JWT_SECRET: "ZwfJtS3muY65CaeZ" # This is an example secret
PORT: 5000

Currently the database we use is mongoDB & as things stand that will be our DB of choice going forward with no current plans on supporting other choices, although this could change.